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Relay card "EV" type


Purpose :

Compact Relay card to receive three relays 18xx or Gx type (GE, GAD, GRR,GCD,…).


Presentation :

The card can be mounted on Din rail, its wiring is facilitated by spring terminals which are marked according to CENELEC standard. A label-holder by relay allows to identify/recognize relay. This product, incorporated into a switchboard, has had a whole qualification for EPR of Flamanville.



Power supply/ inputs:

  • 3 independent double terminals for relays coil ( up to 125 VDC) - max. section: 1,5 mm



  • 12 double terminals - max. section: 1,5 mm²
  • Eligible max. current: 2A
  • Eligible max. voltage: 125 VDC



  • 108 x 90 x  71 mm  ( with relays mounted)



  • 2 spring terminals blocks of 14 points
  • 3 label-holder (18 x 13 x 4 mm)
  • 3 rear wiring sockets (ER/GE type)


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