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Dimmer relay "BFVG"


Dimmer relay BFVG is used to adjust power by varying the conductor angle using a screwdriver slot potentiometer on the front face. An external potentiometer can be connected to terminals (D-E) serially with the internal potentiometer.

A LED indicator shows the live load.


It has 3 control possibilities:

  • Permanent control
  • Contact control (220VAC - 30mA)
  • 24 VDC voltage control


example of use:


dimension and mounting:








General features:

  • operating voltage: 220VAC 50/60Hz
  • effictive current: 10 A eff


monitoring circuit:

  • 3 control possibilities :
  1. permanent control: short-circuit between C - F
  2. Contact control (220VAC 30 mA): wired contact between C - F
  3. 24 VDC voltage control (10 mA): Voltage applied between G - J / the control circuit is isolated from other terminals


  • 2 control circuits:

     1.   Circuit G-J

                         - rV : 24VDC                         - polarization : + en G
                         - operating  range : 0.8Un à 1.1Un
                         - consumption at 24 VDC : 11mA
                         - R Insulation  from all other terminals : 2500Veff
                         - Protection from voltage reversal


     2.   Circuit C-F

                         - Contact control capable of switching 220VAC / 30mA



Power supply circuit:

  • terminals: A-B (voltage applied totally or partially to the load depending on the potentiometer setting)
  • rV: 220VAC
  • range: 0.8 to 1.1 rV


load circuit: 

  • terminal: M-L
  • leakage current, dimmer not controlled: < 10mA
  • internal voltage drop (M-L terminals): < to 2V for I eff = 10A and  cond. : 180°C
  • I²t: 250A².S



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