Bienvenido Productos Electro-aimants et ventouses Electromagnetic holding solenoids for fire protection VEM20R

Electro-aimants et ventouses



Masa : 500 g.

Alimentation : 24 or 48 VDC



TEST REPORTS CNPP N° 95 00 01 AND 95 00 01 B

This material is generally linked to a fire system which will automatically release the fire doors in case of a fire, by switching the power off.

Holder mounted in a metallic box painted with white epoxy, with cabled local release button, protection degree IP42, delivered with an equipped keeper-plate (to choose when ordering) :

. PPE : equipped keeper-plate mounted on a fixed shock-absorbing support for angles < or = 10° - diameter 50 mm / coated with white zinc - Mounted with 4 screws with a 5 mm diameter.

. PPEO : equipped keeper-plate mounted on a rotating shock-absorbing support for angles < or = 60° - diameter 50 mm - coated with white zinc - mounted with 4 screws with a 5 mm diameter.

Possibility of passing cables through the holes of 18 mm diameter in the bottom of the box.

Available in simple box bersion or in a version equipped with a contact of door position (terminals for the contact of door position with 5 connection points).

Boxes can be directly mounted on the element to control (screws with 5 mm diameter) or mounted on supports with fixed or adjustable length, painted with white epoxy, for floor or wall mounting :

. SSML150 : fixed length 150 mm
. SSML250 : fixed length 250 mm
. SSML300 : fixed length 300 mm
. SSML400 : fixed length 400 mm
. SSMT150adjustable length from 150 to 250 mm
. SSMT250 : adjustable length from 250 to 350 mm
. SSMT300 : adjustable length from 300 to 400 mm
. SSMT400 : adjustable length from 400 to 500 mm 

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Plan d'encombrement / dimensions

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VEM20R - box dimension   VEM20R - side view

Données techniques

Force de maintien 20 daN
Effort mini de décrochage None (antiremanent ejector inside)
Tensions standards (Un ± 10%)
(autres tensions sur demande)
24 VDC - 48 VDC
Puissance nominale à 20°C 0,6 W
Raccordement electrical connection by internal terminals equipped with pass-cables.

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