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Purpose :


Electronic card used to set 2 timer sequences for a public washing machine.



Presentation :


Single parameterable card, controlled by 2 inputs to trigger the activation time for the 2 output relays (each input has an associated time that can be totalled up to 99). This card has two 7 segment displays that make it possible to show the time credit for the end user, as well as the

3 credit instructions for the maintenance technician. An intermediate timer can be activated using a jumper selection


Technical features

Power supply :

230VAC - 50Hz with memorisation of the remaining time credit in the event of a power cut.


Inputs :

2 dry contact on-off inputs for time crediting

Outputs :

  • 1 working contact output 8A/ 250VAC: motor command
  • 1 working contact output 8A/ 250VAC: hot command


Size :

1 printed circuit size 90 x 105 mm



  • 2 displays with 7 red segments
  • 1 micro-controller
  • 2 JTER 1RT 12VDC relay
  • 1 jumper selection
  • 4 Push buttons for programming:

-            1 PB for parameter selection

-            1 PB for parameter incrementation

-            1 PB for parameter decrementing

-            1 PB for validation



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