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front wiring socket with clips 9876




Technical features

* TEC or CENELEC numbering
* Mounting on symetrical or dissymetrical DIN track
* Connection : double tab terminal for 2,8 x 0,5 mm clips.
* Moulding material : thermoplastic PVC UL 94 V0


9876 socket is a front wiring socket with clips for relays of 1800 and GE series.

It can be delivered with following options :

* free wheel diode + on 13/A1
* free wheel diode + on 14/A2
* Protection Gemov in // on the coil


See detailed indication regarding mounting and withdrawal in the technical support pages of this site.


* Hold down springs ref. 9881 for relays 1804 - 1808 - 1814
* Hold down springs ref. 9882 for relays 1841 - 1846 - 1848
* Complet coding accessory (see details in our technical support pages).

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