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Mono or multi-channel reset device


Object : Specific programmable controller for the control of self-reset of circuit breakers and switches. In the case this PLC controls a circuit-breaker self-reset, as soon as the voltage is out, the PLC will generate a remote reset signal taking into account the context and/or the programmed delay time.

Presentation : Plastic box mounted on DIN track and equipped with :

* inside : an electronic card connected on local voltage supply,
* on front face : a user interface with 8 keys and 5 displays of 7 segments,
* on the sides : screw terminals for the connection to local voltage supply, remote control signals, alarms, serial and output connections of reset control (or connection with the 4 channel extension box for the multi-channel optional device).

Technical features

Power supply :
* 230 VAC + or - 10%

Inputs :
* 8 selection keys,
* 3 remote control inputs (dry contacts),
* 1 input for voltage reading,
* In case of an extension, + 3 inputs for voltage reading.

Outputs :
* 3 relays outputs,
* In case of extension, + 3 relays outputs.

Communication :
* 1 RS485 for programming and remote control.

Dimension :
* 90 x 105 x 60 mm


* PIC 16C73A
* HCMOS logic

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