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rear wiring socket with clips 9246




Technical features

* TEC & CENELEC numbering
* Mounting with screws on metal sheet with maximum thickness of 4 mm
* Connection : solder type or single tab terminal for 2,8 x 0,5 mm clips
* Moulding material : black bakelite


9246 socket is a rear wiring socket with clips or solder type for relay 1246 and relays of 2000 series.


Complete indication regarding mounting and withdrawal are available in the technical support pages of this site.


* Hold down springs 9981 for relays 2246-2248
* Hold down springs 9982 for relays 23xx and 2811
* complete coding accessory permitting 20 standard combinations by shutting 3 holes on the socket.
* Possibility of mounting in specific pre-cut track with reference .

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